Rae Rose

I am a poet and writer. My latest work can be found in Lilith Magazine, The Paterson Review and Cicada Magazine. 

My book, “Bipolar Disorder for Beginners,” is available on Amazon.

Dear Emily Dickinson,

Hey Ems

I want to introduce you to overstockdotcom

girl we can get like seventy pens ten percent

off today girl here click here

drugstoredotcom has toothpaste and here

watch click BAM that was our groceries for the entire month

Told you agoraphobia is totally different in 2013.

But girl here is my doctor’s number

he gives out anti-anxiety pills

and antidepressants like crazy

and if you want if you feel up to it

you can leave my gate our gate

a shiny briefcase in your hand

to lecture your genius

or if you feel up to it

you can curl your lashes

turn heads on 6th Avenue

but I’m going to stay here

on this side of our gate

my gate, spoil page after page

with my ten percent off pens

wear out my knuckles

writing about those birds sitting

on that wire like five musical notes

on one of your famous dashes —

I am trying to learn that song.

I will stuff characters and tombstones

under my bed I will fill pillow cases

with poems because I can not stop

Emily the universe won’t stop Emily

it’s expanding and someday our whole

ceiling will crumble, we won’t feel a thing

but I’ve been feeling too much

since 1983, oh girl hey look

twenty bucks for seven

bottles of shampoo –-


Yours Truly, Rae Rose